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0-Can t Be Tamed - Special Thanks

Mommy and Daddy, thank you so much for always believing in me and giving me the courage to get back up when sometime, I felt like I got knocked down for the last time. I hope you never doubt how much I love you and if you EVER do, just listen to this record and know that every track of this album is to make you proud.

To my beautiful brothers and sisters, I love you guys more than you could ever know! I learn from each of you everyday!! Brandi ( Aka Madea ), YOU are the best big sister ILY!:x
Tracey, never stop following your dreams. I can`t wait to make a killer record with you one day!
Braison, everyday you inspire me to become a better musician! You are so brilliant!! :]
Noah, ( Aka Mrs. Bieber =]] ) you never fall to make me smile! Thank you for being my sunshine!! ILYSM

Mammie, thank you for being my biggest fan! I love you!

Liam, thank you for always being my best friend. You are so special to me! Sometimes I wonder what I ever did without you! ( I wrote this when Liam was my boyfriend ) :]

Scotty and Denika bears, thank you for being the best Boooo's EVER =))!!

Monie and Vu, thank you for helping me to find who I am!!

Tim and Anty, where there is LOVE there is MAGIC!! IL my Rock Mafia family!! Adam, Dk, Papa can you hear me and Thomas, thank you for making music with me!! ILY

Shanks&Jeff, ILYSM!! Thank you for dealing with my craziness and always being there for me when I need you most!

Of course I would like to thank all of my family , fans, friends ans entire team for being so supportive of m! I can never express how thankfull I am for you all giving me the opportunity to share my music with the WORLD!!

Thank you, Bob Cavalo, Abbey Konowitch, Jon Lind and my entire Hollywood Records Team.

Universal Music Group/UMGI: Lucian Grainge,Max Hole, David Joseph, Andrew Kronfeld, Kate Farmer, Lee Ellen NewMan, Victoria Traill, Sam Benjamins, Christina Incocciati, Olly Lester, Lewis Richardson, Natasha Ramsay & Chris Nelson.

Polydor/Fascination U.K.: Peter Loraine, Hannah Neavs, Adam Klein, Neil Hughes, James Bass, Gavin Hughes, Nicki Ross, Rachel Drake, Sarah Haddow, Chloe Melick, Stephanie Duncan-Bosu, Aaron Bogucki, Orla Lee, Gareth Evans, Paul Smernicki, Sussie Lucas & Shiarra Juthan.

I would like to dedicate this record to my dear friend, Vanessa. You'll forever be in my heart. I hope this album makes you smile, thank you for being my guardian angel. ILY!

Last but not least, this album is for my fans! ILY so much guys! You supported me, you inspired me and I made this album! Thank you so much guys! YOu're my inspiration! When I`m thinking or when I'm with you, everything it's easy for me! ILY

Can`t Be Tamed
Can`t Be Tamed
Can`t Be Tamed (01)
Can`t Be Tamed (01)

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